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Have a question about dance? Ask anything you want to know, and Iana will answer in her new ASKianaDANCE show!


ASKianaDANCE is a new Q&A show that is coming up in October! Iana will be answering your questions: anything you’d like to know about dance, dancer’s life, training, performances, her work process, tips and solutions for your dance struggles… ANYTHING!

The most interesting question of the episode will be rewarded with an awesome gift! Submit your question below!

Welcome to my show ASKianaDANCE! Here are questions discussed in the this episode of the show: How to avoid dizziness during multiple turns? Is there a retirement age for a belly dance performance career? How to set goals and motivation to take your skills to the next level?…

belly dance questions
belly dance questions

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Welcome to my new show ASKianaDANCE! In this episode I've replied to following questions: - How to improvise without worrying if you look good or not from the side? - What are some tips to start promoting yourself as a soloist to book shows? And many more!!