every audience is different, and EACH EVENT IS SPECIAl

I take time to PERSONALIZE all my programs in order to provide for your event the best show possible.

Traditional belly dance at Egyptian wedding

Every audience is different. For some people belly dance is a part of their culture, for some it is an exotic addition to their celebration. I'm happy to be welcomed as a guest performer at parties of different communities all over Ontario and Canada. It's important for me to fully understand expectations, and to know the traditions in order to create the best show possible. A program I would put together for Egyptian community is different from the one for Turkish, Lebanese, Indian, or Canadian communities. Every audience has its own preferences in style of music, dance, props and costumes, and I'm happy to meet the client's vision as much as I can.

Iana's performance at Egyptian-Iraqi wedding

Each event is special. It's extremely important for me to prepare a program that is really the best fit for the event. I'm happy to offer different kinds of show durations, so that we can choose with the client what is really better for their event. For instance, for a surprise performance at a birthday party, I would recommend one non-stop act 20-25 min long. On the other hand, for a wedding reception when guests expect to have some entertainment during the evening, a few shorter acts work very nicely too. Some events require more staged style of performance, and for other events the audience engagement is an important part of the evening. I take into consideration all these details when I prepare a program for each event based on my experience and the client's vision.


Triple Isis wings is Iana's own invention! No other dancer in the world is using such unique and mesmerizing prop!

Dynamic drum solo to a recorded or live music is a part of most Iana's belly dance shows!

Along with belly dance, Iana's show can include performances in such folklore styles as:

  • Egyptian Folklore (Saidi, Baladi, Khalidji, Muwashahat, Ghawazee)

  • Turkish Romani dance, and Turkish folklore (Chifteteli, Kurdish)

  • Persian dances (Classical, Baba Karam, Gilaki, Lori)

  • Iraqi Kawleeya dance

  • Lebanese dabkeh

  • Indian khalbeliya dance

Dancer & Drummer Show

Iana performing with drummer Pedro Bonatto

To brighten up your event even more, it is possible to arrange a Middle Eastern style drummer to accompany Iana's show! There is nothing that can be compared to the energy of live music, and together with Iana's engaging performance, it's an ultimate combination.

Dancer & Drummer show is usually about 30 minutes long, and includes recorded music
performance accompanied with live drumming, drum solo part entirely to live music, and
audience participation. Please contact Iana via booking form for more information.


Only The Best for Your Special Event!

Along with paying so much attention to the choice of music, props, and adding unusual
elements to each show, Iana also uses only high-end costumes by top designers to brighten
and spark your celebration. You can check currently available dance costumes here, and don't forget that they are updated on a regular basis. :)


Please be advised that due to a high volume of performance inquires Iana books performances on a first-come-first-serve basis. To guarantee her availability, a timely booking is recommended.