Ep 71. When Are You Ready to Start Teaching

It’s a MINI episode!

This is a medley of ASKianaDANCE show where I answered to following questions:

  • How to check if you are ready to start teaching dance classes for beginners

  • What to do if your dance teacher doesn't really like when students start teaching

Can you relate to this issues? Listen right now to the new episode to find out my tips and suggestions!

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Ep 65. Tips on Creating Choreographies

It’s a MINI episode with Iana!

Have you ever felt frustration trying to create a dance: “Oh, I don’t know what should I do with this music? How to even start putting a choreo together? This is too complicated, too scary, too stressful….”

Well, here are some of the tips I’m sharing in this new podcast episode:

  • Listen to the song as many times as possible. 

  • Find out the translation of the lyrics. 

  • Start with improvising and listening to your body.

  • Understand that your first draft won’t be perfect.

  • Break down the structure of the song before you start. 

  • Study the work of other dancers.

  • Don’t think only about movements. Think about the audience’s attention.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback.

Want more? Listen right now to the new episode! 

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Ep 42. ASKianaDANCE: How to Promote Your Local Solo Gigs

This mini-episode is a part of ASKianaDANCE show where I answer your dance questions! Specifically in this part I’ve separated two related questions: tips on how to start promoting yourself as a solo performer, and how to start performing in restaurants. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Have a question about dance? Ask anything you want to know, and Iana will answer in her new ASKianaDANCE show! There are already two videos released, and you can find all featured questions and Iana’s answers at, as well as submit your own question there. :)

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Ep 23. How to Price Your Belly Dance Show

This is a truly helpful episode for everyone who struggles with pricing their belly dance show for local gigs.

I so often receive messages from you asking how much you should charge for a dance performance. So here I give my little formula on how I quote, and share some insights into what aspects of belly dance business you need to take into consideration when providing the price rates for different events.

Also, don't forget to participate in the special giveaway from Jillina! A few more days to enroll. :)

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