Artists Can't Be Good in Business

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Have you heard someone saying it before? Or maybe you yourself hold this belief? Here is something that challenge this statement .

Did you know that legendary Michelangelo was the richest man of his time?! I will quote below parts of New York Times review of book ''The Wealth of Michelangelo’' by a professor of art history Rab Hatfield.

▶️By the time he was 30, he already had the David and Pietà under his belt, and his fee, like his reputation, was gigantic.

▶️When Michelangelo worked on the Laurentian Library here in Florence, he was on a monthly salary from Pope Clement VII that equaled about $600,000 a year, Professor Hatfield said.

▶️For a tomb for Pope Julius II, according to the professor, Michelangelo got the rough equivalent, by one calculation, of more than $10 million over time, even though he did not come close to completing the project.

▶️...he got big fat advance payments...

▶️Michelangelo was treated, and compensated, very well.

Now, who would dare to say that artists can’t be good in business? Value your work, your time and your energy, and believe in yourself.

Author: Iana Komarnytska
Photographer: Pedro Bonatto

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