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Dancers, have you ever received such requests? Lucking I don’t have to deal with those clients often, but sometimes inquiries happen. Here are a couple of stories from my dance experience, as well as several tips on how to prevent unpleasant scenarios. So read till the end.

Phone call. A guy inquires about the show. Extremely shy person, does’t know exactly what to ask, never hired artists before. Suddenly a question if I do a private dance. “Do you mean private events like birthday parties?”-“Yes, yes! It’s for my birthday, but… I’m not inviting guests. I really love and appreciate belly dance, and just want to do a gift for myself. Is it possible?” Oh, that’s why you were so shy during conversation.

A lady, event manager, hires on behalf of clients. She asks to sent the exact address closer to event day. Fine. Just before paying a deposit , she wonders if I can engage groom in dancing with me. - Yes, sure. It’s always fun to bring bride and groom on the dance floor! - And here I discover: there will be no bride! It’s a gentlemen’s night in a poker club. Seriously?! She thought that it wasn’t important at all since I’m a belly dancer.

⠀A dad hiring belly dancer for his son’s bachelor party. Actually he gets offended once I decline, and even tries to persuade that it’s a part of Greek tradition to hire belly dancer for groom’s bachelor party, so I don’t know my job properly.

Any of above stories sounds familiar to you? Here are my tips on how to handle them:

✅Always find out the event reason.

✅When in doubt, ask directly: «Is it going to be a mixed audience: male and female guests?»

✅In order to decline, simply say: «Sorry, I don’t perform for exclusively male audience». You don’t owe any further explanations.

✅To triple check, mention that your assistant will accompany you, even if you don’t have one, and see their reaction.

✅Bonus tip: the lower your prices are, the more inquiries of this kind you’ll receive. So think twice before putting your prices down.

What are the most ridiculous requests you received and how you handled them? I’m sure your stories are as hot as mine!

Author: Iana Komarnytska
Photographer: Pedro Bonatto

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