Calm Down and Enjoy

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Whether you are performing at a competition or in a restaurant, it is important to r͟͟e͟͟m͟͟e͟͟m͟͟b͟͟e͟͟r͟͟: you will not die if you “misinterpret” that song, nobody is gonna kill you if you don’t catch absolutely every singly Dum and Tak. Of course, it’s normal to have butterflies in your belly before going on stage. It simply indicates that you care about your performance. But there is no benefit in exaggerating it. Life will still continue after this improv performance. Treat it simply as one of your learning experiences, and an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and hence one step closer to your dream dance level. And always remember: this moment will pass too, and tomorrow it will be just a memory.

So don’t waste this moment, and simply enjoy it! This trick I use not only for improv, but also whenever I perform some unusual style that my audience is not familiar with, and I worry if they will enjoy it, and not think that it was simply weird. In such cases, I always give myself a mental note before going on stage: “ Whatever! First of all, I should make it fun and enjoyable for MYSELF, and even if nobody else enjoys watching me… well, at least I’ll enjoy dancing it!” And believe it or not, once you immerse in every second of your experience on stage, the real magic happens…

Author: Iana Komarnytska
Photographer: Pedro Bonatto

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