Tips For Hiring a Makeup Artist

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I often hear complains from belly dancers that no makeup artist can make them look nice. Do you have the same problem?

Typically I do makeup myself, but for creative shoots I like to collaborate with other professionals including makeup and hair stylists. Here are some tips I’ve learnt from my experience on how to get maximum results:

✅Check their portfolio. The easiest way is to look at their Instagram or Fb pages. Almost everyone today puts their work online. If you can’t find there any examples of makeup that you like, most likely this is not a good fit for you.

✅Send them a couple of photos that will show your idea of desired makeup. What belly dancers are calling Arabic/smoky/colorful makes is usually WAY different from what professional muas understand as such. So better show at some examples, instead of describing it numerous times. Ideally, you can even specify what exactly you like on this or that photo.

✅Plan at LEAST one extra hour for make up on top of what mua said you, lol. Yes, most professionals can do their job quickly and efficiently, but don’t forget about all other small things that may happen: chat talks, your curious questions about products, technical problems (for instance, lighting isn’t working and you need to move to another table/room), selfies or insta stories , etc. All these things add extra time, and there is nothing worse than rushing with finishing your look!

✅Do not correct or check makeup after every brush stroke that mua does. This is beyond annoying for the artist, and I’m saying it cos I was in those shoes. About ten years ago I used to work as mua, and such annoying clients were the reason why I stopped. You need to understand that makeup artist has a vision of a final look, and tries to bring it alive step by step. Never judge or try to correct work in progress. If you don’t trust this professional, why did you choose to work with him/her at all?

✅If something really bugs you, and you don’t like how it’s going so far, ask a question: “Is it going to be so dark for the final look?”, or “Are you planning to add some other colors cos right now it looks super blue to my taste, lol?”. It sounds different than a direct critique or dislike that can discourage artist’s enthusiasm, right? Plus maybe it’s only a work-in-progress stage that we just discussed above.

✅Be ready and open that your look will be different from what you are used to. Personally for me that’s the whole point to work with someone else. The ‘usual’ makeup I can do myself. The better you did your research on the artist, and the better photo examples you’ve sent, the close to your ‘ideal’ look the results will be. Also, keep in mind that even exactly the same makeup will look differently on different faces, so I’m always open to mua’s adjustments according to my individuality, and excited to see new version of my mirror reflection.

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Also, sharing with you contacts of Victoria Khanlari who is my fav makeup artists in Toronto for all sorts of crazy makeup experiments! And btw, she has an amazing line of lashes that you can get with 10% discount using promo code IANA10OFF!

Author: Iana Komarnytska
Photographer: Pedro Bonatto

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