Reasons Why I LOVE My New Online Belly Dance Course!

Truly obsessed with my recent project!

belly dance class online

Reasons why I LOVE My New Online Belly Dance Course!

There are many online classes to learn belly dancing, but I’m sincerely the biggest fan of my recent online course on the Udemy platform “Learn How to Belly Dance: Complete Guide for Beginners”, and here are just some of the reasons why:

belly dance online

1. It’s over 14 hours of content! When I was starting my belly dance journey I had multiple DVDs on how to belly dance. All of them were about 1-hour long, meaning they either contained very little information, or the teacher tried to pack multiple movements without proper explanation. Not their fault! It’s just impossible to teach dancing properly in a 1-hour time limit.

When I decided to do my course, I didn’t have ANY TIME LIMITS. I simply decided to do what I believed should be included and it would take as much time as needed. In this course I don’t just show what to do, and expect you to magically follow me. I actually explain what is supposed to happen in your body, what muscles and sensations should be activated, and what the common mistakes are, so that you can look out for them. This course has over 100 video tutorials and lectures, so it’s called a complete guide not without reason.

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2. Super easy to navigate. It’s not just one long continuous video. The Udemy platform allowed me to clearly divide all material into sections and lectures. For instance, one section (out of 21) is called “Fluid Hip Movements” and it includes three video-lectures explaining basic moves, such as hip circle, figure 8, and maya, and two more videos with dance combinations to practice whose moves. If you need to review things, you can quickly find there a step-by-step explanation, or jump into one of previous combos as a recap of learnt skills.

3. Not only video resources! This course also includes several downloadable materials such as a list of popular belly dance songs, and a bonus mp3 track of a drum solo composition by drummer Pedro Bonatto.

4. Students can easily track their progress, see which lectures they have completed, and what is their overall progress. By the end of this course they receive a certificate of completion.

5. It’s easy to contact me via the course platform, or even to create a group discussion within the course, and connect with other participants!

learn belly dance online

6. As an instructor I have an opportunity to update the course and add extra material at any time. Students will automatically receive all updates because they have full lifetime access to the course!

7. It’s more than just a video course. It’s an interactive course. I send students extra tips for training, help to boost their motivation with fun contests and challenges. How many times did you buy a video class, and never really went through it? That’s not gonna be the case with this one!

8. You can do this course according to your schedule and without leaving your home. That’s the universal advantage of online learning. At the same time you definitely will have a community feel with this course, and be sure, you won’t be left alone trying to figure out those dance jungles by yourself!

Check my new online course Learn How to Belly Dance: Complete Guide for Beginners, and receive 20% discount with promo code IANADANCE_BLOG.

Author: Iana Komarnytska
Photographer: Pedro Bonatto

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