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I’m a strong advocate of never stop learning, and developing your dance skills regardless of what level you are currently at. Do you agree? Also you probably noticed that I love working on choreographies from other professionals as much as my own.

Sadly many dancers feel obligated to show exclusively their own dance creations once they reach certain level, or start teaching, but I believe there is no shame in studying from other artists. Of course, keep it within professional etiquette, like not pretending to be the author, or just copping a choreo from YouTube and performing it in public.⠀

Why is it important to learn choreographies from other artists? The list of positive effects is almost endless, but here are a couple:

👍enriching your dance vocabulary with new combos and moves that you would never come up with by yourself

👍learning to listen to music in a different way

👍breaking your regular movement patterns (similar to the first point, but it’s more on the neurological and psychological level)

👍feeling always like a student, so you maintain a hunger to develop your skills even further

👍challenging yourself with new technique and styles (usually teachers talk not only about the sequence during workshops/classes)

👍it’s an incredible source of inspiration for your own future creations

👍great satisfaction once you master a new unusual routine, hence providing extra motivation to keep going.⠀

Do like working on choreos from someone else? How often do you practice dance routines that are not yours? Looking forward to reading your comments!

Author: Iana Komarnytska
Photographer: Pedro Bonatto

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