Performance Check-List

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How many times did you forget something important before your show? In order to avoid all those mini dramas, I’ve created a performance check-list, so that I can simply go through it every time I’m getting ready, not worry that something will be missed.

✔️Address: Obvious, but better check in advance to know when you need to LEAVE. Luckily Google maps gives you an opportunity to choose specific time of the route, and see an average range of time that it may take at a specific time.

✔️Transportation: Driving? Public transport? Do I need someone’s assistance with it?

✔️Music edit: I always put my playlist into one continuous track. This way DJs will never confuse the order of songs Also, I can control duration of pauses between songs, or simply blend them into each other.

✔️Music delivery: Always, all three devices are with me: CD, USB, and phone with uploaded music.

✔️Costumes: Ironed, hooks checked, hanging and prepared in costume covers.

✔️Props: Think through your program dance by dance. What props are you using during your show?

✔️Shoes: This part applies not only to the performance itself, but also as a comfortable change shoes that you can wear between your change room and the performance area. We don’t always have an ideal situation that everything is close to each other, plus you probably don’t want to wait barefoot on some cold floor in case there are any unpredictable delays.

✔️Make up essentials: Usually I have a foundation, powder, neutral eyeshadow palette (black & beige), mascara, eyelashes glue and a few make-up brushes. Plus a small mirror.

✔️Hair: spray, pins, elastics, or whatever else you usually use for your performance hairstyle.

✔️Miscellaneous: pins, small sewing set, scissors.🧵

✔️Costume cover.

✔️Water & some snacks.

✔️Business cards.

✔️Short info for MC: I often have one-two sentences prepared on my phone notes, so that I can simply message it to the person if necessary.

Author: Iana Komarnytska
Photographer: Pedro Bonatto

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