If You Want To Become a Professional Dancer



Many of you have shared dreams about becoming professional dancers and teachers. Did you realize that all professional athletes focus not only on their main sport activities, but also spend a lot of time in the gym? Well, professional dancers are partially athletes too, so let’s figure out why it is important.

There is a difference between dancing for yourself, as a hobby, and dancing professionally. Once you decide to get on the path of a professional dance career, you start training more, you start demanding your body to perform more complicate moves, and expect it to keep moving even if exhausted. And although in short term periods it may seam totally doable, in a long-term perspective you have to provide an additional support to make sure your body is able to do what you are asking it to do. Otherwise injuries are inevitable.

Conditioning includes three physical components:

✅strengthening your muscles,

✅developing cardio, and, of course,


All three components are equally important, and proper balance is crucial. That’s why every time I receive a message saying: “I want to become a professional dancer and perform at events. What should I do?” - I typically reply: “Go to the gym”. It’s not about losing weight. But it’s about preparing your body for professional dance activities.

Good news is that you can do conditioning exercises at home, and also they don’t include only boring burpies or leg lunges, lol. The beautiful thing about belly dance is that a lot of useful stretches are already build in into this dance form. That’s why it is important to come back to basics in each training session, and that was a reason why I included a lot of “simple” but useful exercises in all my teaching and drilling videos.

Author: Iana Komarnytska
Photographer: Pedro Bonatto

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