The Magic of Meeting YOUR Teacher

It’s not about them teaching you. It’s about you studying from them.

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THE Magic of Meeting YOUR Teacher

You know the difference between attending someone’s workshop and walking out with new skills, or walking out with some shift inside you?

There are many workshops of truly great teachers: the ones you may admire and look forward to study with them. You walk out of their class with new ideas, with soreness in your body, and everyone is happy. You carry something new and useful out of the class.

And there are other kind of workshops. Much rarer, much less familiar to the majority of dancers… It’s when you come to the class and you realize that you’ve just found YOUR teacher. And it doesn’t matter that it was the first time you met, and it doesn’t matter that it may be the last time you ever meet in person. It doesn’t matter if it happened in your city, or somewhere randomly around the globe. None of these things matter, because you deeply know that from now on it’s YOUR teacher, your mentor, even if she/he has no idea about it. 

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And I’m not talking about becoming a fan-girl of someone. You can adore and like many talented artists, many beautiful teachers, but it doesn’t mean that they become YOUR teachers. Also, it’s not necessarily about the teacher to whom you go every week for a dance class… I’m talking about people that truly shift something inside you. You may not even know what exactly, or how to put it into words, but you just feel that they opened a new chapter in your dance journey. And you will carry this connection forward, and cocoon this new seed inside you. It’s people who can support you in moments of discouragement or frustration, guiding silently, without even realizing it. Just by their existence, by their art being an example for you, a guide.

This person may not even realize what an impact she had on you. And it’s totally fine. It’s not about her teaching you, it’s about you studying from her. It’s about this person being YOUR teacher that may have nothing to do with you being HER student.

This kind of workshop or meeting happens once or twice in your dance journey. Sometimes never. The beauty and sadness is that you can’t plan them in advance. It’s not really even about the person herself… Maybe 99% of other workshop participants didn’t feel that way at all. Or even you, maybe at another moment of your dance journey, wouldn’t experience the same connection with the same teacher. But it’s about the current moment. It’s about aligning the teacher's values with YOUR current needs as a student. It’s only in those moments the magic shifts happen.

Value moments and people who become your guides. Life sends us these beautiful gifts from time to time, exactly what we need in each specific moment. Good or bad, pleasant or hurtful, but it’s there to teach us something, to show us our true essence, to guide to our own path. Don’t be blind to those moments. Be open to meet YOUR teacher in whatever time or form they may come to you, and be grateful for those guides and reminders from the universe.

Author: Iana Komarnytska
Photographer: Pedro Bonatto

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