Turkish Roma Dance Technique

Do you want to learn Turkish Roma dancing, but nobody teaches this style in your city? There is a solution! Learn with these video classes from your own home!
Five hours of detailed explanations and drills, from very basic to advanced combos!


  • Instant Lifetime Access

  • Download classes and watch on any device

  • Over 5 hours of fun, step-by-step instructions

  • Basic techniques, steps and arm gestures

  • Combinations you can use right away in your dance

  • Cultural and historical references to help really understand Turkish Romani dance

“I would highly recommend this concise but comprehensive course on Turkish Roma dance! Iana not only goes over the basic steps, but also explores variations of these moves and puts them into practice with several different combination drills.

I was able to learn many of the nuances that define this form of dance after practicing the combinations in this course. I also feel that I hold a better understanding of the music and feel more confident about creating my own Turkish Romani style combos and choreographies!”
— Angela Christine
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Iana Komarnytska

Iana is a top-ranked belly dancer based in Toronto, winner of Star Belly dancer Canada 2014 and Cairo by Cyprus 2015. She is an internationally known dancer with performances in more than a dozen countries worldwide including Egypt, Turkey, Germany, Brazil, Bulgaria, USA, Cyprus, Hungary, and Ukraine.


Here you will find a description of each class and what you will learn.

Class 1 - 55 mins

The class is designed to introduce Turkish Roma dance technique in a clear and safe manner. Iana provides a detailed explanation of the basic belly movement. The class helps students to establish a solid technique foundation before moving to more complicated combinations. 

Structure of the class: a brief lecture on the Turkish Roma music rhythm; explanation and drill of basic belly movement; different variations of the belly movement; cool down.

Class 2 - 65 min

The class focuses on two main steps of Turkish Roma dancing, their variations and simple combinations.

Structure of the class: warm-up and brief review of the basic belly move from Class 1; explanation and drill of two new steps; different variations of steps and layering the belly movement on top of steps; cool down.

Class 3 - 57 min

In Class 3 of this series you will practise some travelling steps of Turkish Roma dance style. Class combines both new steps and variations of steps from Class 2.

Structure of the class: warm-up; travelling variations of steps from Class 2; new steps; cool down.

Class 4 - 55 min

Class 4 is designed for intermediate/advanced dancers of Turkish Roma style. It combines all movements and steps from previous three classes, and shows different combinations with these steps.

Structure of the class: warm up, 6 combinations, cool down.

Class 5 - 54 min

Class 5 is the most advanced class of the series of Turkish Roma Dance Technique. It focuses on arms position and most common arm gestures used in Turkish Roma style. Iana explains some of the popular gestures, their possible meanings and most beneficial use in dancing/combinations.

Structure of the class: warm-up, review of the common arm positions; 5 combinations with different arm gestures; cool down.


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