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Meditation App

My recent discovery 👉 a meditation app called Insight Timer 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️

I’m using it every day now. it’s totally FREE, and there are thousands of guided meditations of different durations, themes and teachers! I’m absolutely in love with it! And also, you can set a timer for your own meditation practice in case you don’t wanna follow a guided session. Just perfect!


Long-Wear Lipstick

For a long time already my favorite lipstick for the shows is Fantasy Allure! 💄

I like that it’s super easy to apply, just one layer, there is no need to check or adjust it in between gigs, It easily survives even my most intense dance nights, ❤️also, I don’t need to worry about it getting on my teeth, there is nothing more embarrassing than realizing after a show that your teeth were red color 🤦‍♀️ (dancers will understand), plus this lipstick can be removed with a regular makeup remover, no need in buying anything special. 
I tried and keep trying many different lipsticks for the shows, but so far keep coming back to Fantasy Allure as my favorite one 💋💋💋

face cream

Moisturizing Cream

Egyptian Magic became my solution for a healthy and glowing skin even despite frequent performance make-up. I believe it’s a must-have for all belly dancers who often struggle with the same kind of problems: exhausted and over dried skin after performances, but at the same time you always must look fresh and nice next days. 

My favorite use of this multipurpose skin cream is as a face moisturizer. I use it every night before sleep. What is also amazing about it, is the list of ingredients, all natural products without any weird names: olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, propolis & Royal jelly, and that’s it Perfect natural treat for your skin.

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One of my favorite ingredients for home-made beauty remedies

Usually when I get a fresh aloe vera, I separate all the gel from it, and freeze it as cubes.This way product will last for a long time, and won't spoil

💠Whenever I plan to do a hair mask with aloe, I take one or two cube the night before. Then mix defrosted gel with egg, and a great hair treat is ready This mask gives a really beautiful shine to the hair.

💠Also, I use those cubes for the face. Every morning I wipe my face with aloe ice cube, leave it for 5-10 mins, then wash my face. It's a convenient way to have a daily aloe vera face mask, plus it's a 'contrast shower' for your skin that improves the blood circulation among other positive benefits. Just don't swipe it for too long. 😨😂

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