only for Nowruz programs!

Special Nowruz program by Iana of three acts with different costumes and styles!

Choose your favourite dance styles:

1st act (1 song, ~5 min): Persian Classical, or Bandari /Baba Karam /Gilani /Azeri /Kurdish /Uzbeki
2nd act (1 song, ~5 min): Gilani, or Persian Classical /Bandari /Baba Karam /Azeri /Kurdish /Uzbeki
3rd act (2 songs, ~10 min): Belly Dance, or Persian Classical, or combination of two styles (Persian Classical/Azeri/Uzbeki/Kurdish/Bandari)


Quote for Special Nowruz show is $300 for Toronto and within 30 minutes travel time from Toronto downtown. For further locations, please contact Iana for quote.

All acts are performed by Iana as a solo artist. There are short 5 min breaks between acts for costume changes. Total program duration is about 30 minutes long including two short breaks.

Regular program durations/prices are available too. Please find more information here.


Please be advised that due to a high volume of performance inquires Iana books performances on a first-come-first-serve basis. To guarantee her availability, a timely booking is recommended.