Belly Dance

Yey Yey (2018) - modern belly dance piece to a pop song Yey Yey. Presented at the gala show by Ya Amar, Toronto.

Once in a Desert (2017) - Iana's performance at Suhaag Bridal Show in Toronto. Music composition by Artem Uzunov.

Modern belly dance (2017) - Iana presenting Elena Lobanova's choreography at the international belly dance festival Cairo by Cyprus 2017.

Performing at Teachers' Gala Show of Cairo by Cyprus festival 2016 organized by Silvana Hasna Thuraiya and Stella Zahir in Nicosia/Cyprus! Music: Mejanse by Armen Kusikian, Drum solo by Artem Uzuno. 

No bounds (2016) - collaborative piece between Iana Komarnytska and Pedro Bonatto, performed at World of Orient festival in Germany. Original composition by Pedro Bonatto.

Cairo by Cyprus (2015) - award winning performance at the international belly dance festival Cairo by Cyprus in Larnaca, October 2015!

Folklore styles

Vasoonak (2017) - Persian dance with daff to the traditional wedding song from Shiraz.

Bandari (2017) - Iranian folklore dance from the South of Iran. Performed by Iana at the Nowruz Gala show in Ottawa, organized by PACSO - Persian Arts & Cultural Society of Ottawa. Music: Doktar Irooni by Mehran

Kereshmeh (2017) - Persian classical dance, performed at the 9th Iranian Bridal Show in Ontario, Canada. Music by Amir Hosein Pourjavady & Mehrdad Arabifard.

Iraqi dance (2015) - Music: Sghad by Sajda Obied. Event organized by BellyUp studio with Khaled Mahmoud as a guest performer and teacher.

Baba Karam (2015) - Persian dance Baba Karam by Iana at Persian Bridal Show, Jaheli Dance | محمد خردادیان - رقص جاهلی

Indian kalbeliya dance (2014) - by Iana Komarnytska and Ariane Chola.

Drum Solo (2015) - Music by Pedro Bonatto. Performing in Kiev at "Шпилька" Party, event organizers: Olena Sinelnikova and Vica Norkina, Isfahan studio.

Drum Solo (2015) - Choreographed for Summer Gala Show organized by The Egyptian Dance Academy.

Spanish flavor (2014) - based on Tatiana Ostroverh's choreography of traditional Flamenco dance Alegrias decades, this dance piece contains a fusion with belly dance.

Gayda (2014) - Turkish Roma dance.

Freedom (for Iranian Heritage Day at Royal Ontario Museum, 2013) - inspired by Mehdi Rezania's music, choreography incorporated elements of Persian classical dance with Western modern dance styles. A bird finds herself in a cage...

Egyptian Saidi dance (for the production Fantasy of the Eastern Night, 2010)