Iana Komarnytska


Top-ranked belly dancer based in Toronto, winner of Star Belly dancer Canada 2014 and Cairo by Cyprus 2015, internationally known dancers who had performances in more than dozen of countries worldwide including Egypt, Turkey, Germany, Brazil, Bulgaria, USA, Cyprus, Hungary, Ukraine and many others. 

Iana is also one of the most requested guest performer of Persian dance styles at many events in the Iranian community of Ontario.



Step-by-step instructions, dance practice, and everything you want to know about belly dance with Iana.

All you need to begin is to be interested in exploring the beauty of dance, transforming your body and spirit with a fun physical activity, and learning to appreciate and love yourself. What are you waiting for? Jump in and start belly dancing today. 

PODCAST "Belly Dance Life"

A glance into behind-the-scenes of belly dance lifestyle.

Check out Iana's new project: a podcast about belly dance life where Iana interviews various artists as well as shares tips and stories from her own experience!


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