Iana Komarnytska is winner of Cairo by Cyprus 2015, Star Bellydancer Canada 2014 Competition, Spark Dance Competition (Canada, 2012), and Belly Dance Festival Bastet (Ukraine, 2009). She is a graduate from professional dance program of York University (Canada), and an author of numerous articles about historical connections between belly dance, ballet and modern dance styles. 

Originally from Ukraine, Iana received her training in Ukraine, Egypt, Turkey and Canada. A former participant of Ishtar Dance Co (Ukraine), and Arabesque Dance Co (Canada), today she is an independent performer and choreographer featured in a number of movie and TV projects. Along with belly dance, she performs and teaches Persian Classical and Turkish Roma dancing. Iana is the first choreographer who started using Triple Isis wings, and since 2012 it is one of her style signatures. Over the last few years she has taught and performed in dozens of countries including Germany, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Ukraine, USA, Cyprus, Hungary and others.

Iana is one of the most requested guest performer of Persian dance styles at many events in the Iranian community of Ontario. Along with performing at private functions, she was invited to participate in Iranian Fire Festival (2016), Tirgan Festival kids' activities (2015), Annual Iranian Heritage Day at Royal Ontario Museum (2014 & 2013), Nowruz Festival at RHCPA (2014), and many others.

Along with choreographing, performing and teaching, Iana’s activities include dance research projects as well. She has been published several times on belly dance resource, and is one of the contributors to the Belly Dance Reader Anthology (2012), and the Belly Dance Reader 2 (2014). In 2012 Iana presented her lecture on the historical connections between belly dance and ballet at the International Belly Dance Conference of Canada, in Toronto. Iana also launched a few dance related projects such as fashion blog "Iana Dance", Practical Tips for Belly dancers (11 episodes), Belly Dance Calendar|Canada (Internet resource about belly dance events in Canada), a few video series of belly dance classes, and DVD "The Art of Belly Dance Choreography".

Cairo By Cyprus                                                                                                                         2015
Solo Proffesional Category: I place

Star Bellydancer Canada                                                                                                              2014
Nomination: Folklore, Category: solo, I place
Nomination: Cabaret, Category: solo, I place
Nomination: Fusion, Category: solo, I place
The status of Star Bellydancer of Canada 2014

Spark Dance Competition, Canada                                                                                             2012
Nomination: Classic, Category: solo, II place

"Belly Ball", IAED International Open                                                                                       2010
Nomination: Folklore, Category: solo professionals, III place
Nomination: Tabla, Category: solo professionals, III place

5th International Festival of Eastern Dance "BASTET"                                                              2009
Nomination: Folklore, Category: solo professionals, I place
Nomination: Raqs Sharki, Category: solo professionals, I place

"SUDAK 2008", International Festival of Eastern Dances                                                           2008
Nomination: Fusion, Category: groups, I place
Nomination: Raqs Sharki, Category: groups, I place

"Ukraine Belly Dance Championship", Ukrainian Dance Board, IDO                                        2006
Nomination: Show, Category: groups, I place




March, 2016

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Guest performers and choreographer at THE BEST VOICE OF NORTH AMERICA

Dancers: Iana Komarnytska, Zahira, Ruyah, Anuka, Sorayya of Dragonfly, http://
Canada National TV:


belly dance show, book



Iana on the book cover of
"The Belly Dance Reader 2"

Photo credit by Pedro Bonatto



Iana in Yallah Magazine (Summer Issue 2014)

top belly dancer in canada
top belly dancer in Canada


Interview for Persian TV

Iana Komarnytska and Mehdi Rezania talking about collaboration on "Tamanna" at ITCTV CANADA

Persian dance in Toronto, GTA

Iana's Photo in Salam Toronto

The first Persian-English weekly newspaper in Canada

Vol. 13 No. 622, May 02, 2013

Article dedicated to the Iranian Heritage Day 2013 at Royal Ontario Museum

belly dance toronto

Interview: Iana Komarnytska's Belly dancing. Workshops in Winters

Author Lindsay Presswell

Artichoke magazine, Issue No. 9, January 2013, pp. 26-27

Articles and Publications by Iana


Ballet Russes & Middle Eastern Dance. Orientalism as a Source of Inspiration for Modern Ballet Choreographers, The Belly Dance Reader 2. Fairfax, CA. 2014, pp. 46-51

Our Rules: Beauty & Professionalism. Elena Ramazanova Speaks About the League of Bellydance Masters, Interview by Iana Komarnytska, 2013, available online

Dancing for Tourists in Istanbul. A Personal Impression, 2013, available online

Dreaming of the East. Orientalism in Early Modern Dance, 2013, available online

Belly Dance as a Performance, Historical Phenomenon or Logical Evolution?, The Belly Dance Reader. Fairfax, CA. 2012, pp. 100-106