Ep 01. Marta Korzun: About Competitions and Individual Style

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I'm so happy to have world-known dancer, teacher and choreographer Marta Korzun as our first guest at the Belly Dance Life Podcast.

In this episode we talked about Marta's first experience in belly dance competition world, her ups and downs, as well as highlights of further dance career. She shared her opinion on the current situation and future development of the belly dance competition scene, as well as gave interesting perspective on the artistic search of individual style. There are honestly countless valuable takeaways from this conversation regardless if you are into competition world or not. 

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Links to Belly Dance Drive festival and Marta's online course are coming soon.

Book mentioned in the episode: "What to do if everything is not like you want it to be" by Alexander Sviyash  ("Как быть, когда все не так, как хочется" Александр Свияш)

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This interview is available to read in Mandarin Chinese at Layali Blog. Thanks to our listener Nemo who kindly volunteered her time and skills for this translation!