Ep 13. Esmeralda Colabone: Music as Your Guide & Mentor

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This is truly a sensational conversation! Esmeralda Colabone talks about her training path, which was different from a regular "go to belly dance school" way, and how she got significant influence from musicians into her dancing. We discuss not only what is an individual dancer's style in general, but also the importance of studying everyday life and behaviour of people for whom this dance is a part of culture.

Also, Esmeralda shares the story of adding turbans to her costumes, one of the signature features of her stage look, as well as her experience of dancing throughout her pregnancy.... and so much more! I literally can’t count all the important points in this episode, and at the same time we went really deep into each topic. I'm extremely excited to release this interview, and looking forward to hearing what are your take aways from it!

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