Ep 29. Lebanese Simon: Rising Above Obstacles

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Lebanese Simon was born and raised in Northern Lebanon. Currently he resided in Houston, but his passion for oriental dance brings him all across the globe.

Simon reveals his story of falling in love with belly dance in the early years of childhood, and the multiple obstacles that he had to face on the path to his dance dreams. We also discuss what it means to be a male belly dancer, and how the voice in your heart can lead to your destiny. Never let anyone stop you from dancing, and never take the freedom to explore dancing for granted.

Simon also shares insights into the work of his Al Awtar Zaffa Group, and what makes it one of the most successful zaffa groups in the USA. Want to know more about Lebanese weddings and different kinds of Dabke? This is an episode for you!

Find Lebanese Simon on InstagramFacebook and YouTube. Information about cultural tour, as well as his instructional DVDs is available at Simon's website.

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