Ep 31. Jillina Carlano: How Food Can Influence Your Dance

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OMG! This is beyond what you ever dreamt to receive as tips and insights into an artist’s life. Jillina Carlano is back on the podcast and this time she is taking us on a tour across her health and nutrition secrets!

How food can benefit your dance? What to eat before and after shows? Is there a healthy way to pump up your energy level during crazy festival times? Discover what Jillina uses in her daily life as an active dancer and producer! Not only that! She is so awesome that after we finished this interview, she suggested to do a special video for you guys, showing what she keeps in her fridge and pantry store. So don't forget to check the links below, and get all amazing content from fabulous Jillina! I can't thank enough to this brilliant, open and super supportive woman!

VIDEO tour of Jillina's refrigerator - SCROLL THIS PAGE DOWN!

Products mentioned in the episode (this is a not sponsored post):

FAQ for Gnome Testing

What is Bulletproof Coffee? - Youtube video

Performance Muchroom Blend for energy and immunity boot
Laird Performance Mushroom Powder

Match Green Tea loaded Antioxidents and Catechins
DoMatcha Summer Harvest

Travel Packs of Coconut butter
Artisana Organics Travel Coconut Butter Packets

Mushroom Coffee for energy and Immunity boost
Four Sigmatic Coffee Cordyceps and Chaga

Natural Sleep Aid
Four Sigmatic Mushroom Hot Cacao Mix with Reishi

Alpha Brain boost to help with focusing the mind
Onnit Alpha Brain Supplements

Best source and absorbable Vitamin C + additional Vitamins
LivOn Labs Lypo-Spheric Supplements
B-Complex Plus

Travel Probiotic, does not require refrigeration
Bio-K Plus Probiotic

Lulu Organic Chocolate 88% Delicious and very low in sugar

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