Ep 33. Kristin Raeesi: Do You Realize How Often You See Domari & Romani Dances at Belly Dance Shows?!

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This is a truly helpful episode for everyone who aims to fully understand traditions and folklore related to belly dance. I'm so excited to feature Kristin Raeesi, a Romani researcher, activist and performance artist.

We often think about different folklore styles separately: Ghawazee belongs to Egyptian culture, Kawliya to Iraqi. But did you realize that their roots have so much in common? Also, this interview made me rethink my understanding of belly dance, and start questioning how much Indian influence there is in this art form... Wanna know where all those thoughts came from? Listen to this insightful interview with Kristin who takes us on a tour across Romani, Domari and Lom cultures and its influence on belly dance.

For more information, references and articles, please check show notes below.

Articles by Kristin Raeesi:

Common Myths About The Romani People (that you probably believe)

Romani, Domani, and Lom People: What Belly Dancers Who Want to do 'Gypsy' Dance Need to Know

Romani Reading resources (Suggested by Kristin)

"We are the Romani People" (book) Ian Hancock
"Romani Routes" (book) Carol Silverman
"Gypsy Music in European Culture" (book) Anna Piotrowska
"On Romani Origins and Identity" (article) by Ian Hancock

Rom Archive: https://blog.romarchive.eu/
Mundi Romani YouTube channel (features 42 part series on Romani lives/perspectives in several countries): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLoTPR8wANp1V0S2yF02gOJcJrfpp-_nH
The Patrin Web Journal: Romani Culture and History: http://www.oocities.org/~patrin/
Rombase: http://rombase.uni-graz.at//
Rroma Foundation: http://rroma.org/en/home/
Romedia Foundation: http://en.romediafoundation.org/
Dom Research Center: http://www.domresearchcenter.com/index.html

US based teachers for various Domari/Romani dance styles:

Mohanned Hawaz, US workshops (based in Sweden)
Sara Al Hadithi, California

Aisha Ali, California
Eva Cernik, Colorado

Turkish Romani
Jessaiah Zure (also teaches Macedonian style Romani dances), Oregon
Rabia Gultekin, West Virginia
Artemis Mourat, Washington D.C.

Balkan Romani
Šani Rifati, US workshops (based in Germany)
Carol Silverman, Oregon
Alexander Markovic, Illinois

Russian Romani
Vadim and Marina Kolpakov, North Carolina

Hungarian Romani
Richard Balazs, Pennsylvania

René Heredia, Colorado


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