Ep 39. Sadie Marquardt: Reclaiming Feminine Power

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Wow! This is such a breathtaking in-depth conversation that I believe it should be included in all belly dance curricula to listen to! Sadie shares her view on a holistic balanced lifestyle, and what role belly dance plays as a spiritual practice. She also talks about how to stay true to yourself and your dance, even when it becomes your profession, as well as fascinating qualities of this dance form that helps to heal and reconnect to your feminine energy.

We also had an mind-blowing discussion about whether belly dance is actually related to any ancient sacred dances, and Sadie shared amazing insights into her own research in this topic, giving references to her mentors and literature resources. Honestly, it’s one of those treasure conversations that I wish we could continue for hours and hours. An absolute must-listen!

Show Notes to this episode:

Find Sadie Marquardt on Instagram, FB, website and Youtube. Links to Raqs Online and retreats.

Previous interview with Sadie: Ep 14. Sadie Marquardt: Before & After Social Media Hit

Books mentioned:

When God Was a Woman by Merlin Stone

Ancient Egyptian Dances by Irena Lexova

The Belly Dance Reader (1 & 2) by Gilded Serpent

Travel notes by Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

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This interview is available to read in Mandarin Chinese at Layali Blog. Thanks to our listener Nemo who kindly volunteered her time and skills for this translation!