Ep 41. Maria Sokolova: From Accounting to a Belly Dance Career!

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She was seconds away from having a completely different lifestyle. And by seconds, I literally mean seconds. She felt frustrated in the beginning of her training to the point that she wasn’t even sure if she had the necessary muscles to perform belly dance movements. She was hesitant if her belly dance career would have any development since she got pregnant right at the time when everything just started working out for her. And yet, here she is: super successful full-time belly dancer Maria Sokolova, an award-winning professional artist based in California, a teacher, performer, and director of her student troupe ALMAZ.

Incredible story from an incredible woman, that at the same time would sound so familiar to you! I’m sure you’ll be able to recognize yourself in many aspects of this talk. Listen, share and keep dancing! :) 

Show Notes to this episode:

Find Maria Sokolova on Instagram, FB, and Youtube. Her website: www.orientdancer.com.

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