Ep 47. Sandra: Rules Of Improvisation

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What can be better than starting a new year with a portion of belly dance inspiration? Especially if we are talking to such an amazing artist and teacher as Sandra!  I have discovered her work several years ago by attending one of her workshops on improvisation and musicality rules. If you’ve never heard about Sandra before, I’m excited to be the one who introduces her to you.

Born in Tunisia, Sandra grew up surrounded by oriental music. Her father animated the most famous oriental nights in Paris in his cabaret, and produced one of the greatest Egyptian orchestras in the 70’s, called “Abdel Aziz Mahmour”. Her mother was a singer/interpreter of Oum Kalsoum songs. Sandra is choreographer, Master of Dance, certified professor and a member of International Dance Council UNESCO. In 1986, she created the “Sandra’s Method”, a teaching methodology based on a codification and a classification of repertories. She is often referred to as a "Queen of Tarab", and in this episode she shares her opinion on current music and dance trends.

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