Ep 49. Zaina Brown: Travelling On Her Own Across the Middle East And Beyond

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In this episode I’m happy to feature the work of a member of our belly dance community Zaina Brown, who recently released her book "Fire in the Belly: A Memoir of Falafel, Flings, and Shiny Things". Zaina is a professional bellydancer, relentless traveler, writer, and filmmaker. Her documentary “Traveling Bellydancer In India” (2015) is the winner of the Canadian Accolade Award, and has screened at a number of film festivals in the US.

In this interview we talked about her extensive experience working as a solo dancer in the Middle East, North Africa and beyond, finding a solution to her dance depression state, as well as an overview of geographically and culturally different dance worlds. She also gave valuable tips on how to find contracts if you are new to the scene, and how to find out if internet inquires are really legit offers. Enjoy the episode, and use the advantage of learning from someone else’s experience!

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