Ep 52. Julia Farid: About Artistic Fulfillment, Individual Style and Teacher-Student Relationships

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Julia Farid joins me on today’s show! Julia is an internationally travelling teacher and performer, director of a dance school and costume atelier, as well as an event organizer. Also, she is a dear friend and a huge source of inspiration for me!

This is already the second time she is featured on the podcast, and in this episode she talks honestly about her artistic path, frustrations and some disappointments she faced recently, and how it pushed her to seek further development to regain joy and fulfillment in dance. Also, a big part of our conversation was dedicated to teaching activities, and specifically how to maintain healthy and professional relationships with students. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Show Notes to this episode:

This episode is brought to you by My Inner Dancer: myinnerdancer.com , a fashion and lifestyle brand inspired by belly dance.

Find Julia on Instagram, FB, and Youtube. You can watch her famous performance inspired by Golden Era HERE.

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