Ep 59. Amir Thaleb: Art Needs Discipline & Respect, Not Labels

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We have the pleasure to connect today with one of the most significant stars in the modern belly dance scene, Amir Thaleb! Amir is an Argentinian dancer of Syrian descent. Belly dance entered his life around his teenage years, and since then his list of achievements and contributions only keeps growing: receiver of UNESCO recognition, the GIZA Award, the "Ugarit" and "Kalil Gibran" awards, author of the successful book “La Milenaria Danza del Vientre, el lenguaje oculto”, teacher and mentor of numerous famous belly dancers who perform all around the world!

In this interview we discussed such questions and topics:

  • How belly dance entered Amir’s life, and how Nagwa Foaad became his first teacher without even knowing it.

  • His teaching approach, and a 6-year belly dance school system that he built in Argentina.

  • What are the must-have skills for professional dancers.

  • Difference in dancers’ mentalities around the world.

  • Amir’s opinion about various ‘styles’ of oriental dance.

  • Performing belly dance with masculine energy on stage.

  • Amir’s recent play that he defines as possibly the most powerful and significant project of his creative career up to this point.

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