Ep 66. Aliah & Vladimir Kluchenkov: About Belly Dance Industry & Working as a Couple

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What a treat we have on today’s show! Welcome one of the most creative and successful couples in the belly dance industry, Aliah and Vladimir Kluchenkov! They are constantly travelling all around the world with Aliah being a professional bellydance performer, instructor, judge, and costume designer, and Vladimir being a videographer, photographer and graphics specialist. Also, they put together an international annual dance event “Dance Weekend in Warsaw with stars”.

In this interview you will discover:

  • When to buy costumes at festivals, and how to choose the best outfit

  • Tips on stage lights and event logistics for festival organizers

  • The importance of having a professional photo and video portfolio

  • The value of attending belly dance festivals

  • A bunch of funny stories on how Aliah and Vladimir work and travel together as a couple!

Show Notes to this episode:

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