Ep 68. Matias Hazrum: Creating & Playing Music for Belly Dancers

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Matias Hazrum is a world known arabic percussionist, musician, teacher and composer. He was born in Argentina (Buenos Aires), but his origin comes from Syria. Matias is a high level professional not only in playing the drum, but also in playing keyboard and other instruments of arabic percussion such as mashar, daff, rek and others. He worked on stage with such great names in the bellydance world including Saida (Argentina), Amir Thaleb (Argentina), Virginia Mendes (USA), Jillina (USA), Amar Gamal (USA), Sharon Kihara (USA), Yana Tsehotskaya (Ukraine), Anna Borisova (Russia) and many more.

In this interview you will learn about:

  • Dancer & drummer dynamics on stage: who follows whom?

  • How to communicate your dance ideas to a drummer

  • Finishing a drum solo improvisation in sync with a drummer

  • The process of creating individual custom-order songs

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