Ep 75. George Sawa: Digging Deep Into the History of Egyptian Music


Historian and musician Dr. George Sawa is the author of multiple books. He has published over 50 articles on Arabic music in journals and encyclopedias, and is frequently invited to give lectures and concerts worldwide. In 2005, he received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from the Egyptian Ministry of Culture for his research in Arabic music history. His CD, The Art of the Early Egyptian Qanun, Vol. 1, was nominated for a JUNO Award in World Music in 2009. His Egyptian Music Appreciation and Practice for Bellydancers has won international acclaim and is an invaluable companion to bellydancers all over the world, having been translated to multiple languages.

In this interview you will learn about:

  • Similarities and differences between Western and Arabic music in 10th century and now,

  • Different meanings of the term "tarab",

  • Why popular interpretation of muwashahat dance is wrong from a historical point of view,

  • What is maqam,

  • How to interpret and dance to different instruments in songs.

Show Notes to this episode:

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