Ep 84. Malema (Maria Aya): The Most Surprising Belly Dance Story You've Ever Heard

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This is the most surprising belly dance story you’ve ever heard. Discover how Malema (Maria Aya) got introduced to belly dance at the age of 30, then started receiving requests for private classes from well-established professional dancers, and how one simple YouTube video recorded for pure fun brought her first international teaching gig. And this was just the first chapter of her dance story.

Today, after a harsh year of being diagnosed with lupus (an autoimmune disease that causes the immune system to attack the body's organs), surviving 14 heart attacks, 5 brain strokes, and fully recovering from these diseases, Malema is ready to start a new chapter. She is back to teaching classes, but she is also passionate about developing a dance therapy practice based on oriental movements, and using the vocabulary of belly dance to help women recover after sexual abuses and war traumas.

Malema (Maria Aya) is founder and co-organizer of MOSAIC Oriental Festival in Athens, founder & artistic director of “Hamsa”, International Center for Culture & Arts of East Med Countries, and creator of the "Hamsa International Oriental Knowledge Certificate". She is a leader and main choreographer of “Malema’s Banat” oriental inspired theatrical dance group, international multi-awarded choreographer, and a renowned teacher of oriental and folkloric dances.

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