Ep 86. Tatiana Avila: Don't Let Jealousy or Gossips Blind You

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This is one of the most honest and straightforward conversations of the podcast! Please welcome the absolutely amazing Mexican beauty based in the UAE, Tatiana Avila. After burning up Dubai's most prestigious nightclubs with her energy, charisma and super dance techniques, she is currently focusing on developing dance classes and workshops in Dubai. In this interview, Tatiana talks about her path from being a student to becoming a professional in-demand dancer, as well as differences between what we learn in dance schools, and what we see in real life of the belly dance entertainment industry.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • Tatiana’s path as a student, her teachers, struggles and inspirations

  • Our beloved “BellyPolice” :)

  • The differences between dance in academic and entertainment worlds

  • How folklore dabke is transformed in cabaret settings

  • The structure of a typical belly dance show in Dubai

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