What's Your Dance Face?

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Did you know that most likely you have your “dance face”?

For instance, variations of dance face among beginner dancers:

  • Counting face: What is the beat?! How many more hip drops are left?!?!

  • Side Look: Am I doing the right part of choreo? Let me try to follow the dancer on my right cos she always remembers!

  • Apologizing: Sorry for me being here... don’t worry, my dance is only 3 mins and then you can continue your evening....

  • Frozen smile: The teacher told to smile, but my face is paralyzed! The edges of my lips are going down! No! No! I must force the biggest smile ever!!!

Later when dancer becomes more confident, and able to control her facial expression, following stages come:

  • Femme fatale: Do you wanna see how the ‘real’ seduction looks like!

  • Let me explain the song: I did my homework, learnt the translation of lyrics, and now I’m gonna explain you every single word with my face, so better get ready for a pantomime session...

  • Feeling the emotions: omg! This moment breaks my heart, and I’m gonna die right now on this stage! I’m so much into this moment, that I’m about to faint, so please call ambulance in advance!

And even professional dancers who know how to switch from one emotion to another, and what the right dosage of each is, still have their default face expression. Mine physically results into putting eyebrows slightly together while smiling at the same time, so that it looks as if I’m struggling with something, and the more joyful the moment is, the more wrinkles appear on my forehead. On videos or during live shows it may seam to be fine, but on photos it looks like a complete disaster. You have no idea how many photos with ideal poses I refused to publish because of my ‘Iana dance face’.

What is your dance face??? 

Author: Iana Komarnytska
Photographer: Pedro Bonatto

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