Ep 15. Cassandra Fox: Healthy Does Not Have a Face

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As I said before, on each episode of the Bellydance Life Podcast I try to bring amazing guests and topics, so here is one more! Please welcome Cassandra Fox to the show, a queen of social media dance videos! 🙂

Here are only some of the topics that we've discussed in this episode:

- how listening to her first impulse and intuition led Cassandra into the belly dance world of performing and teaching;
- going for it despite all fears and concerns;
- tips on training and self-improvement;
- how to deal with people's feedback on the Internet; where is line between constructive criticism and negative comments;
- what are the stereotypes about being healthy;
- getting motivation from the artistic expression, not perfection, and so much more!

I can’t wait for you to dig into this episode, and listen to the incredible conversation with Cassandra Fox!

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