Ep 16. How to Deal With Annoying Clients: Unpaid "Showcase" Offers

Iana Dance Podcast

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Today I am geeking about the business side of belly dance. :)

Have you ever received those annoying calls from people who think that if they provide you a big enough audience, you should be happy to present your art for free at their event? And I'm not talking about bridal shows, or event planning conferences, but regular private or corporate events where the number of guests has nothing to do with the number of potential clients...

I strongly believe that every work should be paid and compensated. In this episode I won't focus on trying to prove why belly dance performance should cost this or that much. Instead, I'm giving a few tips on how I deal with such clients, and some examples of my replies to their typical questions and offers. I hope you'll find some useful take away to make your business dance life easier!