Ep 17. Luna of Cairo: Is Belly Dance Life in Cairo Always a "Fairy Tale"?

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Curious about living a professional dance "dream" in Egypt? Luna of Cairo takes you behind-the-scenes of her 10-year belly dance experience in Cairo.

In this episode, we talk about the current situation of the Egyptian dance scene, and how foreign dancers bring changes into the style itself. She explains the significant difference between dance managers and agents, and what role each of them plays in the entertainment business. Also, Luna shares how her fluent knowledge of the Arabic language, in some sense, made her professional and everyday communication there more challenging, as well as tells us why after 10 years of an active belly dance career, she decided to leave Cairo and close that page of her life in order to explore something new.

It might be a bit of a heavy talk, but there are lots of interesting and useful insights that every dancer should be aware of before pursuing a career in the Middle East, and specifically Egypt.

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This interview is available to read in Mandarin Chinese at Layali Blog. Thanks to our listener Nemo who kindly volunteered her time and skills for this translation!