Ep 18. Amar Lammar: Twelve Years of Performing Every Night in the Arab Emirates!

Iana Dance Podcast

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In this episode our featured guest is the amazing Amar Lammar who had a successful 12-year dance career in the Middle East!

Amar explains what are the requirements for a professional dance show in the Arab Emirates, and shares how her dance journey wasn't always smooth and right away successful. You'll find out her top secrets on how to stay engaged and passionate about dance even after performing daily for the last 12 years, as well as how to survive and put together a thrilling 45-minute show. Yes, you've read it correctly: a 45-minute nonstop performance! And she digs really deep into this topic. Also, we'll hear different stories about working together with musicians, as well as why the 1st day of each month is always so challenging. Enjoy!

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