Ep 20. Apsara Afsanesara: What Do You Know About Persian Dance?

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It's our 20th episode!!! And it's a special one. We deeply explore the topic of Persian dance culture, with all its richness and nuances.

I'm joined by Apsara Afsanesara, a dancer, choreographer, as well as an alternative model based in Poland. She specializes in the dances of the Silk Road (Persian, Afghan, Central Asian, Caucasian, Indian) Her recent project, a dance theatre production called Shirin, got recognition in many European countries and beyond. At the beginning of the episode we learn about Apsara's dance journey, and what exactly captured her attention in the Persian dances. She also gives us a mini-lecture on the variety of Iranian dance styles (at least 10-15 types of dances!!!), and towards the end of the interview we discuss common mistakes and misinterpretations of Persian dance by Western performers, especially Bandari dance when presented at belly dance competitions.

Hope you enjoy listening to this episode that will definitely widen your horizons and understanding of Persian dance culture!

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