Ep 21. Alex DeLora: Every Drum Solo Has Its Own Mood

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Alex DeLora on the Belly Dance Life podcast!!! In this episode, we get to know this artist from a completely new perspective that usually is hidden from the audience's eye.

Could you imagine that in the beginning of her dance journey, Alex was told that dance was not for her, and that she never would be able to dance on stage?! Discover what happened next, and how her first experience of a belly dance competition was surprising even for Alex herself! Also, we get a change to glance into the insights of her creative process, how she thinks about training and choreographing, as well as what fascinates her in drum solo compositions. Very remarkable points of view from a remarkable dancer.

Enjoy listening and share with us your favorite take aways!

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This interview is available to read in Mandarin Chinese at Layali Blog. Thanks to our listener Nemo who kindly volunteered her time and skills for this translation!