Ep 26. Orit Maftsir: Fantasy of the Golden Era Belly Dance

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Today we are traveling on a time machine to the times of Golden Era Belly Dance!

Orit Maftsir talks about her dance story and the inspiration she got from old Egyptian movies, and how she transported that Golden Era atmosphere to the modern belly dance scene. We also discuss differences in the trading process of belly dancers and ballet dancers, where there is a fine line between copying and finding your own voice, as well as what is so special about Orit’s Eilat festival.

Here are just a few of my favourite quotes from this interview: “The more I was freeing my spirit with the people, the better my body got”. “The dancer is a visual illustration of the music”. “Songs are made as stories”. Enjoy!

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This interview is available to read in Mandarin Chinese at Layali Blog. Thanks to our listener Nemo who kindly volunteered her time and skills for this translation!