Ep 27. Meher Malik: Fusion, Confusion and Female Objectification

Iana Dance Podcast

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Wow, wow, wow…. This is a discussion that had to happen a long time ago, and I’m very grateful and happy that we got a chance to talk about all those subjects with amazing Meher Malik. She is such an incredible artist who stands up for her beliefs, choices and rights, as well as inspire many women around the globe and particularly in India to follow their truth too.

Meher was discovered by the majority of this world after her successful participation in the popular TV show “India Got Talent”. However, her activities and contributions started far before this career highlight. In the interview she tells about her resistance and later acceptance of fusing Indian and Arabic cultures, and how many similarities can actually be found between the two. We also talk about how Indian society views dancers and what role TV played in Meher’s dance life. She also shares struggles regarding stereotypical attitudes towards dancers, and how she deals with objectification from the male side… We can be victims and just talk about those problems, or we can actually take some real actions about it.

Open, brave, bold and true to herself… I deeply believe that this conversation will be hugely empowering to everyone who listens.

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