Ep 44. Best Of: Everything About Dance Contracts

Iana Dance Podcast

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During the last months I have received a surprising number of messages inquiring about tips on getting dance contracts in the Middle East. I guess people have already started planning their New Year resolutions and cardinal career changes for 2019, lol! So I decided that it’s a good time to put together one more of Best Of episode highlighting artists who talked about dance contracts in previous interviews.

This episode features Kateryna Siham, an active dancer and vlogger in different Arab counties, Amar Lammar, with her 12-year career performing daily in the Middle East, and Brenda, where she compares the experience of working in Egypt and other countries. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Show Notes to this episode:

Ep 07. Kateryna Siham: Dance Contracts in the Middle East

Ep 18. Amar Lammar: Twelve Years of Performing Every Night in the Arab Emirates!

Ep 34. Brenda: Building Dance Career in Cairo Without a Manager

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