Ep 62. Kamilia: Dreaming of a Big Supportive Community

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Originally from Brazil, Kamilia had made a stunning career as a professional performer in Lebanon, Arab Emirates and Egypt. Today she is a teacher, artist’s producer and event organizer with a big dream of creating a supportive and welcoming community of dance professionals. Her passion for belly dance started at the age of 6, and since then that passion brought her to multiple stages across the Middle East and beyond. She was the youngest dancer at LBC TV, and had guidance of master teacher Caracalla, along with other amazing mentors. At some point in her career, Kamilia was performing with an orchestra of 45 musicians, singers and 6 dancers for her show, being featured at the top 5-star hotels in Cairo along with such stars as Lucy, Mona Said, Fifi, Dina, and Hendeya.

In this episode we discuss:

- How Kamilia got interested in belly dance.

- The beginning of her performance career in Lebanon.

- The importance of understanding Arabic soul in dance, and never stop studying.

- The concept of Arabic musicality, and her methodology of teaching foreign dancers.

- Main pillars of successful interpretation of the song.

- Being a producer, and mentoring other dancers on their career path.

- The story of her stage name.

- The Ishtar Congress in Abu Dhabi.

Show Notes to this episode:

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