Ep 63. Veronika Shulkevich: Young Generation of Dancers

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Today we talk with Veronika Shulkevich, a young star of the belly dance world scene. At the age of 16 she is already a teacher at Ahlan Wa Sahlan (Egypt) and Cairo Mirage (Russia) festivals, the founder of Dance School VEROSHDANCE, a certified teacher of the League of Bellydance Masters of Russia, International Belly Dance Union, and International Association of Eastern Dance (IAED), as well as winner of multiple competitions including Ahlan Wa Sahlan, Cairo Mirage, Ah Ya Elbi, Yalla Yalla Festival, El Hana Festival, Cup of the World according to IDF, and many other awards.

In this episode we discuss:

- How Veronika got involved in belly dance world at the age of 5.

- What are the differences between teaching classes to kids and adults.

- Her experience at belly dance competitions.

- Combining active dance training with school.

- Teaching Skype classes and creating choreographies for other dancers.

Show Notes to this episode:

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