Ep 81. Carmen Fragoso: Things Happen When You Are Ready For Them

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Carmen Fragoso is a Mexican choreographer & dance coach specialized in Belly dance, Khaleeji and Iraqi dancing, with a thriving career as a contract dancer based in Dubai. Listen to her incredible story on how she brought her main dance dream to life, and achieved the lifestyle that she wanted.

In this interview you will hear about:

  • How facing dance frustrations and seeking more from life led to a complete change of lifestyle

  • How Carmen got involved in Iraqi dancing

  • How her 2-month vacation got transformed into a full-time job in Dubai

  • What was the most surprising thing she discovered during the first year of working in the Middle East

  • The importance of a dancer’s image on stage, and off stage

  • How her dance videos became viral on social media, and what it brought to her life.

Show Notes to this episode:

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