Ep 82. Katerina Shereen: The Importance of Your Mindset for a Long-Term Dance Career

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I literally had goosebumps several times during this conversation: from months at an ICU and wheelchair recovery, to an active dance career, marathon running, and becoming a crossfire athlete! Are you ready for an incredible story from a phenomenal woman? Please welcome Katerina Shereen, who performed at the most glamorous events with such guests as Elton John, Sharon Stone and royal families who came to London every summer. Katerina became the special dancer for the birthday of Her Majesty the Queen of Brunei. The biggest benefit though was to work with amazing Arabic musicians who worked with Oum Kalthoum and Abdal Halim Hafez or played for legends such as Fifi Abdo and Nagua Fouad.

In this interview you will hear about:

  • The scene of belly dance education: festivals vs intensives, and what goals each type of event serves,

  • Tips on how to choose wisely which dance event to invest your money in

  • Katerina’s story of a leg injury due to a doctor’s mistake, and her recovery path

  • The importance and power of the mindset to never give up

  • What skills you are missing to get a successful, joyful and long-term dance career

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